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Causes of earthquakes. MEDC effects ­ Japan
The crust of the earth is broken into plates. These float on magma. The edges of plates
are called boundaries. This is where volcanoes and earthquakes take place.
There are 4 different types of boundaries.

Make sure you can explain what happens at…

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Activity [the figures are based on a few days after the earthquake so may not be

After the earthquake the spread of Cholera has been a major problem for the people
of Haiti.

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A volcano is formed by eruptions of lava and ash.
When magma reaches the Earth's surface it is called lava. When the lava cools, it forms rock.
Volcanic eruptions can happen at destructive and constructive boundaries, but not at conservative

What causes volcanoes to form?

1. Magma rises…

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Despite the evacuations, 19 people were
killed by the eruptions as a small group of
people chose to stay behind to watch over
their crops.

Volcanic eruptions and lahars have
destroyed large areas of Montserrat. The
capital, Plymouth, has been covered in
layers of ash and mud. Many homes and…

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500 million people live near volcanoes. But why!?

1. Hazards don't happen very often: if earthquakes or volcanoes don't happen often
or they haven't struck a particular place for a long time people may think `it's never
gonna happen'.

2. `There's…

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Causes and Effects of Hurricanes (Katrina)

Where do Tropical Storms Occur? What causes tropical storms such as hurricanes?
Along the tropics of cancer and Capricorn, either side
of the equator. The need a warm sea to be able to 1. Hurricanes start when strong clusters of thunderstorms
develop. drift over…

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Reducing the damage Exam question -
from tropical storms
Describe the ways in which the damaging
In order to reduce the damage caused by tropical storms effects of a tropical storm can be reduced.
people are asked to follow 3 steps ­ How might this differ depending on a

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Mr A Gibson

An interesting and engaging set of notes which require you to complete certain parts. really good level of detail and some relevant examples. Clearly addresses commonly asked questions e.g. why do people live near to volcanoes despite the dangers?


Its cheap and the land is usually fertile

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