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Key Terms for Studying Society

Agents/agencies of socialisation ­ Institutions in society which
establish/reinforce norms and values in people. An example is the family; they
socialise their children to behave normally and teach them acceptable behaviour
like manners.
Beliefs ­ ideas and attitudes that people have in society.
Conformity ­…

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based on different factors such as your socialisation, the family and class you are
brought up in, your ethnic background, your education etc.
Norms ­ ideas, attitudes and behaviour patterns that are `normal' and expected of
people in society.
Roles- multiple roles and role conflict ­ a role is a…

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say please and thank you, eat with your mouth shut. Secondary socialisation is
carried out by your peer groups, your school and other institutions, in which norms
and values are reinforced, and more complicated expectations are established, for
example what is `cool' and `uncool.'
Status- ascribed and achieved ­ your…




Great free resource to support students with key terms. 

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