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Key Terms for Crime and Deviance

Agents/agencies of social control ­ These are institutions which influence and
control the behaviour of people in mainstream society and enforce norms and
values. These can be split into formal: police, government, court system, prisons;
and informal: media, education, our families, religion etc.

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behaviour that is criminal. Individuals are made to conform to society through legal
sanctions such as prison sentences. Informal control involves agents such as the
media, family, religion and education and relates to controlling behaviour that is
deviant. Individuals are encouraged to conform through fear of rejection from
friends/family, praise…

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because people are not generally comfortable with owning up to crimes, even
though information is not given to the police.
Social control/sanctions ­ social control refers to processes/institutions used to
encourage people to conform to the norms and values of mainstream society.
Sanctions are `punishments' used to enforce social control…







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