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Key terms for Family

Beanpole families ­ Families where there are very few children but the
inter-generational connections (grandparents, parents, children) are very strong.
For example, families where children are often looked after by their grandparents.
Bigamy ­ a marriage where someone is married to two people .This doesn't

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where parents and children can diplomatically talk with each other when there has
been conflict, rather than the child being punished.
Demography ­ the study of the general population, in terms of statistics such as
birth/death rate, or marriage/divorce rate. It attempts to explain patterns across
the population.
Domestic abuse…

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Matriarchal family ­ a family where the mother takes the ruling position in the
household and is the head of the family, making most of the decision.
Monogamy ­ marriage between one man and one woman. Serial monogamy is when
someone develops a habit of divorcing and remarrying.
New man…





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