GCSE Sociology B672 Family, Mass Media, Crime and Deviance

GCSE Sociology OCR B672 Family, Mass Media, Crime and Deviance

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Identity How we see ourselves and how others see us
Norms The rules within a culture
Roles Parts we play in society; each role has its own social norms which tell us
how we should act in that role
Values Ideas about what is worthwhile and important in a culture
Culture The way of life of a group of people; it ids learned and shared
Socialisation The process of learning the correct behaviour, norms and values in a
society; this can be either primary or secondary
Family Consists of people we are related to by ties of blood, marriage, adoption,
civil partnership or cohabitation
Households One person living alone or a group of people who have the same address
and share either one meal a day or their living accommodation
Marriage A legally recognised tie between a husband and wife
Nuclear family A 2-generation family, consisting of parents and their dependent children
Extended family Any family larger than a nuclear family. There is different types
Divorce The legal termination of marriage, leaving the couple free to remarry
Serial monogamy A person has more than one marriage partner in their lifetime. The main
reason for increased serial monogamy is increased divorce rate
Cohabitation Living together as partners without being married
Reconstituted families A family in which one or both partners have been married or cohabited
before, and has a child/children, creating step relationships
Lone parent families A mother or father living without a partner, and their dependent chid(ren)
Beanpole families A tall, narrow extended family often containing 4 (or 5) generations
Single hood Remaining single
Boomerang families A family which non dependent children return home to live with their
Conjugal roles The roles of husbands and wives or couples who are living together as
Symmetrical families A family in which conjugal roles are similar but not identical
Housewives/househusbands An unpaid role which makes them financially dependent of their partner,
main responsibility for domestic tasks and childcare
Domestic violence Threatening behaviour, violence or abuse committed by a family member
against another
Child abuse Harm caused to a child or young person under 18 by an adult
Dark side of the family A situation in which family life damages its members
Non socialised children ­ Amala and Kamala (wolf children)
Sue Sharpe
Willmott and Young ­ Bethnal Green, working class tend to have extended families
`New age man'
40% of marriages end in divorce
De'Ath and Slater's study of step parenting identified a number of challenges facing reconstituted families. As
children may find themselves being pulled in two directions, especially if the relationship between the two
parents is strained
Functionalists - nuclear family is still the most common or has been replaced by a similar type of
reconstituted family structure.
The New Right - in favour of a return of traditional family values. The New Right argue that the family is in
decline which will result in negative social consequences
Feminists and post-modernists welcome and celebrate the diversity of family structures
`Part time trap'
Lone-parents now make up 24% of all families.

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Identity How we see and define ourselves
Norms A set of unwritten social rules
Roles The patterns of behaviour we can expect from people in different positions of
Values Ideas about what is worthwhile and important in a culture
Culture A group set of norms and values
Socialisation The process by which we learn norms and values
Media Any form of communication, either written or technological, that is invented to
allow transmission to many people
Mass media Any form of communication, either…read more

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Deviance Actions that go against the norms and values of a society or group
Crime An action that is against the law
Delinquency The undesirable, antisocial behaviour of young people
Norms A set of unwritten social rules
Values Beliefs of right and wrong in society
Historical deviance Something that is deviant only at a certain time
Situational deviance Something that is deviant only in certain situations
Cross-cultural deviance Something that is deviant in some cultures but not in others
Informal control…read more

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Male offenders outnumber females by 4 to 1 ­ `Chivalry thesis' judges let women off
Phone hacking, august London riots, MP David Lammy ­ no smacking caused riots…read more


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