Unit 10 or J ALL Keywords-GCSE Edexcel RE

These are the keywords and meanings. Enjoy :)

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Churches that are in
1 communion with the Church
of England
the belief that the Church
2 apostolic can only be understood in
the light of the apostles
priests specially chosen by
the Pope who are
3 Bishops
responsible for all the
churches in a diocese
4 catholic universal or worldwide
living without engaging in
5 celibacy
any sexual activity
of, or relating to, God,
6 holy
all the people of the Church
7 laity who are not chosen to be
bishops, priests or deacons
the Pop and the Bishops
interpreting the Bible and
8 Magisterium tradition for Roman Catholics
Nonconformi Churches/Christians
st Churches separated from the Church
of England
making someone a priest,
ordination bishop or deacon by the
sacrament of holy orders
national Churches in union
1 Orthodox with the Patriarch of
1 Churches Constantinople (e.g.: the
Russian Orthodox Church)
papacy the office of the Pope
reconciliation between God
1 Atonement
and humanity

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Roman Catholic Church
the feeling of pity which
3 Compassion makes one want to help the
official statements of
4 Creeds
Christian beliefs
firm belief without logical
5 faith
the belief that God took
6 Incarnation
human form in Jesus
7 Monotheism belief in one God
the act of being sorry for
8 Repentance wrongdoing and deciding
not to do it again
the act of delivering from
9 Salvation
sin, or saving from evil
1 the belief that God is three
Trinity…read more

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Absolution priest, God grants pardon
an peace.…read more

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the vows of poverty, chastity
8 evangelical and obedience
the Laws of the laws God gave to Moses
Moses in the Old Testament
1 the monastic living as a monk or a nun in a
0 life religious community
1 the Sermon Jesus' description of Christian
1 on the Mount living
1 a calling from God to lead the
2 Christian life…read more


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