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Churches that are in
1 communion with the Church
of England

the belief that the Church
2 apostolic can only be understood in
the light of the apostles

priests specially chosen by
the Pope who are
3 Bishops
responsible for all the
churches in a diocese

4 catholic…

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official teaching of the
2 Catechism
Roman Catholic Church

the feeling of pity which
3 Compassion makes one want to help the

official statements of
4 Creeds
Christian beliefs

firm belief without logical
5 faith

the belief that God took
6 Incarnation
human form in Jesus

7 Monotheism…

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through the action of the
1 Absolution priest, God grants pardon
an peace.

The oil used for baptism,
2 Chrism confirmation and

the belief that the
Commemoratio Eucharist is simply a
n remembrance of the Last

feeling sorrow for a sin
4 contrition committed and deciding

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the life lived by religious
1 active life orders who work in society as
well as praying

voluntary giving to those in
2 charity

the life of prayer and
3 meditation lived by some
e life
religious orders

making a show of your
4 religion e.g.: praying…


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