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A) What is the Magisterium? The Pope and group of Bishops who interpret
the Roman Catholic faith for Christians
B) Do you think priests should be allowed Yes, I do think priests should be allowed to
to marry? marry as firstly, if they were, there would be
many more…

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D) "The catholic church is the only way to No I do not agree as firstly, the ten
salvation" Do you agree? Give reasons commandments were given to us by God. If we
why some may disagree with you. follow these commandments, (and also give it
charity), then we can…

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reasons why some may disagree with little may have changed. This therefore doubts
you. the integrity and truthfulness of the bible and so
it is not relevant. Secondly, we have the
magisterium to help us interpret our lives. We
don't therefore need the bible alongside the
magisterium's teachings as the…


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