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A) What is the Magisterium? The Pope and group of Bishops who interpret
the Roman Catholic faith for Christians
B) Do you think priests should be allowed Yes, I do think priests should be allowed to
to marry? marry as firstly, if they were, there would be
many more priests' to help pass on the catholic
faith. Secondly, one of the priests' jobs is to give
advice to his laity. The only way that he can give
proper relevant advice to Catholics who are
married, is to be married himself.
C) Explain why it is important for Catholics Firstly, it is important for Catholics because it
to believe in the communion of the tells us that death does not separate Catholics. It
saints. shows us that we can still be near them and in a
way, in contact with them, even after they're
gone. Secondly, it shows that the Catholics up in
heaven are praying for us, and helping us day to
day. In this sense it's another confirmation of
heaven. Thirdly, it is a catholic belief, and is in the
magisterium's beliefs and views. If you are a
catholic then there is no higher authority than the
magisterium. Therefore a teaching from the
magisterium is hugely important. Lastly, it means
that all Christians are equal, none are better than

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D) "The catholic church is the only way to No I do not agree as firstly, the ten
salvation" Do you agree? Give reasons commandments were given to us by God. If we
why some may disagree with you. follow these commandments, (and also give it
charity), then we can get to heaven, without
even going to church. You don't need to be a
devout catholic, as long as we follow those rules
for living.…read more

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This therefore doubts
you. the integrity and truthfulness of the bible and so
it is not relevant. Secondly, we have the
magisterium to help us interpret our lives. We
don't therefore need the bible alongside the
magisterium's teachings as the magisterium is
the highest authority for Catholics. Thirdly, the
world has changed since the bible was written.
Issues that were relevant then, are not relevant
now, and vice versa.…read more


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