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A) What is atonement? (2) Reconciliation between God and humanity.
B) Do you think God is the creator of the world? Yes, I do think God is the creator of the world as
(4) firstly, the church tells us that he is, and as a
devout Christian I must follow the churches
teachings as they are inspired by the holy spirit,
which is part of the trinity of God. Therefore to
ignore the church's teachings is to ignore God.
Secondly, it has been written in the bible, the book
that we all follow, many times that he created the
world. For example, in the very first book of the
old testament, it explains how God did it. Another
time is when in the lord's prayer, Jesus says, "Our
father", implying that god made us or created us.
And since we believe in the bible, we must
therefore believe that the one God created the
C) Explain how a religious community shows its A religious community show its love of God by
love of God. (8) firstly, leaving their families behind to live in a
nunnery or another religious community. They do
this to show devout and total love for god, making
sure they have to other ties or worries, other than
to please him. Secondly, they take the evangelical
laws of poverty chastity and obedience to stay
devote to god. Thirdly, in some religious
community's they spend up to 12 hours a day
praying to god. This shows the depth and
commitment of their over for him. Finally, they
have daily mass which brings them colder to the
holy spirit. This shows their love of him.

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D) "Salvation from sin is no longer important for Yes I agree because firstly, God is all forgiving, if
Catholics". Do you agree? (6) you repent. Therefore it is not important, as we
can just repent later on in life or in purgatory.
Secondly, some people don't think that they do
sin, and therefore need salvation from it.
Some may disagree with me because firstly, the
catholic church encourages us to take baptism to
wash away original sin. This is therefore
important.…read more

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This shows their love for their
neighbour. Secondly, in a religious community, the
other people there are religious and so have same
beliefs and therefore are easier to love each
other.…read more


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