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A) What is atonement? (2) Reconciliation between God and humanity.

B) Do you think God is the creator of the world? Yes, I do think God is the creator of the world as
(4) firstly, the church tells us that he is, and as a
devout Christian I must follow…

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D) "Salvation from sin is no longer important for Yes I agree because firstly, God is all forgiving, if
Catholics". Do you agree? (6) you repent. Therefore it is not important, as we
can just repent later on in life or in purgatory.
Secondly, some people don't think that they…

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evangelical counsel of charity and helping the
poorest of the poor. This shows their love for their
neighbour. Secondly, in a religious community, the
other people there are religious and so have same
beliefs and therefore are easier to love each


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