GCSE Music: Use of samples (Moby)

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Moby uses two samples of 1950
gospel music from a recording of "The Shining Light Gospel Choir". Both
vocal samples are in A minor, but they are harmonised differently, "Why
does my heart feel so bad?" sounds minor because its harmonised with
minor chords. Whereas "These open doors" is harmonised with major
Moby alters and manipulates the samples:
Looping: Sample is repeated over and over again
Delay: adds echo to the sample
Reverb: the reflection of sound off surfaces to give the impression of space.
Phasing: makes a whooshing sound
EQ: short for equalization. It amplifies or removes frequencies (Like bass or
Panning: Changes which speaker the music comes out of.
Moby did not use a low-pass filter to get rid of background noise because he
didn't want it to sound sterile.


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