GCSE music: moby- why does my heart feel so bad analysis

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moby: why does my heart feel so bad?

ALBUM- play- released in 1999


rythm/ metre and tempo

time sig - 4/4

98 bpm

steady tempo

the bass drum plays on beats 1 and 3 and the snare drum accents on 2 and 4.

the piano, vocals and strings all use sycopation. 

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synth strings, synth organ, piano, drums, sub bass


there are 2 samples (both taken from the shining light gospel choir- 1953) both are in a minor, but are harmonised with either major or minor chords to make them contrast eachother.

the background noise has been left in, which adds to the emotionality of the piece

1st sample- "why does my heart feel so bad? why does my soul feel so bad?" - THIS IS THE VERSE. this sounds minor because the A minor has been harmonised with other minor chords

2nd sample- "these open doors" - THIS IS THE CHORUS. this sounds major becasue the A minor has been harmonised with other major chords to give an uplifting sound to it.

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chords (harmony and tonality)

entirelly diatonic (using only the seven tones of a standard scale without chromatic alterations) 

verse uses 4 chords - A minor, E minor, G major & D major. they last for 2 bars each becasue it  is eight bars long

therefore it looks like this; - A mi, A mi, E mi, E mi, G, G, D, D.

the chorus uses 2 chords- C major and A minor. (first time)

therefore it looks like this; - C, C, Am, Am, C, C, Am, Am. 

when the sample is looped the chords change to f major and c major

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the texture builds up as the instuments are added through the piece. there are large contrast in texture throughout.

-there is an 8 bar piano intro then the verse comes in. which is player 4 times, the sub bass, synth strings, and hiphop drums also come in here too.


sampling, synthesiser, reverb, loops, eq, echo, delay


standard pop structure- intro-verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-verse-outro


the melody is mainy sylabic.the melody in the verse is male and the melody in the chorus is female.

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