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Edexcel GCSE Geography B
Unit 3
Making Geographical Decisions
Sustainability and London's 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic games…read more

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The Exam.
There are 3 sections A,B and C.
Section A:
Short answer questions.
Study the key points about the games.
Identify features of the new Olympic park and the area where it is located.
Section B:
Longer answers than section A.
Identify the characteristics of the population of east London (part 1 in section
B, pages 10-12).
Examine the economic, social and environmental issues, and impacts of the
Olympic park (parts 2 A,B and C in section B, pages 13-22).
Assess how sustainable you think the Olympics are likely to be (parts 3A and
B in section B, pages 23-25).
Section C:
Compare the possible options about the future legacy of the 2012 games
(pages 26-27). Look at each one to see the advantages and disadvantages it
might have on east London, it's people and economy.…read more

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Ten aims for sustainable
Below are the ten `aims' for environmental sustainability. These are
adapted from the aims used by Green peace in designing Sydney's
`Green Games' in 2000. Greenpeace believed that any new
development must stick to these aims. It must:
1. Use or adapt existing facilities, rather than build from scratch.
2. Be constructed on Brownfield sites, so that Greenfield sites are
3. Protect and encourage native vegetation and fauna.
4. Include an effective public transport system, making all areas
5. Minimise waste and encourage recycling.
6. Minimise energy use, use renewable sources of energy.
7. Minimise water usage, using rain water and recycled water for uses
such as irrigation.
8. Minimise pollution, or where land is polluted, it should be cleaned up.
9. Create affordable housing and rents, within reach of everyone.
10. Benefit people from all communities e.g. Low income groups, ethnic
minorities, disabled people.…read more

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Key words 1.
Social Housing - Housing that is let at low rents and on a
secure basis to people in housing need. It is generally
provided by councils and not-for-profit organisations
such as housing associations.
Travellers - An ethnic group of people who do not have a
fixed address and move from place to place.
Densely Populated - An area of land that is crowded or
closely compacted.
Relocated - To move or establish a new place
Housing Associations - A non-profit organisation that
owns and lets or rents housing to those who need it
(generally the lower income groups).…read more

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Key words 2.
Sustainable - Something which meets the needs of
the present without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their own needs.
Brownfield site - An area that has been developed
Greenfield site - An area that has never been
developed on.
Fauna - Animals.
Pollution - The contamination of soil, water, or the
atmosphere by the discharge of harmful substances.…read more

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Key words 3.
Deprivation - The degree to which an individual or an
area is deprived of services and amenities. There are
many different types and levels of deprivation included
poor and overcrowded housing, inadequate diet,
inadequate income and lack of opportunity for
Derelict - abandoned buildings and wasteland.
Ethnic group - This is a group which is defined by race,
religion, nationality or culture.
Semi-skilled occupations - these jobs involve skills that
are quickly learnt, for example bus conductors, labourers,
kitchen hands and cleaners.…read more


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