GCSE Edexcel Geography- Eco-towns

Advantages and disadvantages of three different sites

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EcoTown A
There are good existing communication links nearby, for example: railway line,
main roads: M3
It is near woodland so offers recreational opportunities and there is a large
It is a Greenfield site so doesn't have to be cleared or decontaminated first
Easy to build on land is well drained
On lower grade farmland
There is room for expansion if need be in the future
There are no surface streams, building on impermeable surfaces will not
interfere with drainage basin system so there is a reduced flood risk so is in line
with recommendations from `The Association of British Insurers'.
It is the largest town (12 500 homes, population 28 750) town with a high
proportion of affordable homes 5000 (40% of total) so meets governments
A wide range of jobs so will attract a wide range of people
Jobs are for 56% of the population so it's more likely to be selfcontained
There is only one land owner so it should be easier to buy land and building can
begin quickly
The houses fit in with area by using natural stone so don't spoil the long distance
Green spaces proposed in between developments so fewer habitats are
destroyed and there are more recreational opportunities available
Very sustainable energy efficient buildings, with renewable energy, energy from
waste, recycling and use of grey water for landscape.
There is an emphasis and priority on public transport so there is no need for cars
and schools are in several areas so reduce the need to travel between areas
There are services for all age groups so a variety of people will move to the
It is beyond the greenbelt so is more likely to be selfcontained
Farmland is not of a particularly high quality
The biodiversity of the farmland will already be greatly reduced due to modern
farming techniques
Some locals may object to disruption as it may spoil long distance views and
building work will be noisy
It is a Greenfield site so some of the countryside is being lost which is against
government targets
Loss of farmland and loss of income for the farmer
The habitats of threatened species are being destroyed
Water has to be piped from Winchester which is 12km away to uses energy
Fewer green areas than other sites
Ecotown B
Reasonable transport links due to oxford airport and main roads
It is a Brownfield site reusing disused quarry which is an eyesore

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The residents help to develop the site so there will be more of a community spirit
and employment for local people.
There is a variety of types of housing so will attract a variety of different people
Services for everyone: recreation, education and community facilities
It is sustainable due to: energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, energy from
waste, recycling
The water supply is recyclable and self sufficient due to aquifers
The lake and woodland encourage biodiversity and can be used for recreational
and education uses.…read more

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Don't need to build on flood plain land at Stratford on Avon
The existing transport links are poor: the railway is closed, the bus service is
infrequent and there are no main roads
Does not embrace existing villages so may meet opposition
More impermeable surfaces will cause potential for flood risk
Areas of Outstanding and Natural Beauty loss of countryside and disruption to
habitats including the loss of the natural habitat of a rare butterfly
Only 33% of the homes are affordable but there…read more


Mr A Gibson

A simple idea - three examples with a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages to help you identify them.

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