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EcoTown A
There are good existing communication links nearby, for example: railway line,
main roads: M3
It is near woodland so offers recreational opportunities and there is a large
It is a Greenfield site so doesn't have to be cleared or decontaminated first
Easy to build on land…

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The residents help to develop the site so there will be more of a community spirit
and employment for local people.
There is a variety of types of housing so will attract a variety of different people
Services for everyone: recreation, education and community facilities
It is sustainable due to:…

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Don't need to build on flood plain land at Stratford on Avon
The existing transport links are poor: the railway is closed, the bus service is
infrequent and there are no main roads
Does not embrace existing villages so may meet opposition
More impermeable surfaces will cause potential for…


Mr A Gibson


A simple idea - three examples with a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages to help you identify them.

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