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"Asia's second largest slum"…read more

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Today's Dharavi bears no resemblance to the
fishing village it once was. A city within a city, it is
one unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open
sewers and cramped huts.
· Dharavi has severe problems with public
health, due to the lack of toilet facilities. As of
November 2006 there was only one toilet per
1,440 residents in Dharavi
· As a result, a local river called Mahim Creek is
frequently used as a toilet by residents which
leads to contagious diseases being spread.
· Both its location and poor drainage systems make
Dharavi particularly vulnerable to floods in the
monsoon season.
· No clean drinking water, extreme poverty.…read more

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An urban redevelopment plan is proposed for the Dharavi area, managed by
American-trained architect Mukesh Mehta. The plan involves the construction of 30
million square feet of housing, schools, parks and roads to serve the existing 57,000
families residing in the area, along with 40 million square feet of residential and
commmercial space for sale.
· "Reality tours and travel" is a unique tour and travel agency, based in Mumbai, India,
that specializes in guided tours of Dharavi. 80% of the profits after tax from these slum
tours go to local NGOs
· Community Outreach Programme has two projects for the street children. One a
day care and night shelter for the boys and the second a full time shelter home for the
· At the day care centre attendance varies from 40 to 50. The services included are:
non-formal education which helps them to write their names and learn maths, medical
checkups on regular basis, awareness on health and nutrition.
The Sharanam shelter for girls is aimed at
collecting and protecting those whose joys
of childhood and the rights to normal living
had been crushed. It is a safe and nurturing
home for 30 street girls between the age of
4 and 15 years. The shelter rescues street
girls from a life of poverty, ill health, abuse
and sexual exploitation…read more

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There has been significant local opposition to the urban redevelopment
plans, mostly due to the fact that the existing residents are due to receive only
225 square feet (out of the 30 million square feet) of the land. Furthermore,
only those families who lived in the area before the year 2000 are included in
the resettlement. There is also an argument about numbers as Mukesh
Mehta's redevelopment plan is to build new apartments for 57,000 families.
However campaigners say there are more like 90,000 families living in
Dharavi. The new apartments will be provided free. But some Dharavi
residents are suspicious that charges for water and electricity may be more
than they can afford.
· In May 2007 "reality tours and travel" opened a community and education
centre in mumbai in alliance with the charity called MESCO. MESCO provides
vocational training and aims to provide quality English classes…read more

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Sharanam Shelter for Girls; 16 girls
go to a private school, 9 attend the
Municipal school at Dharavi and 4
are attending English medium
school. Besides academic studies ,
children have computer , classical
dance, karate and sports classes.
·In 2007 183 new children came to the day care centre. About 9
children were returned to their homes, 20 children have been put
up in formal schools, and 4 children were sent to Talegaon for
vocational training.…read more


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