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Denotation ­ What we see
and hear on the screen
· Connotation ­ The meanings
which we may associate with
what we see and hear on the
screen.…read more

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HY…read more

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· Long Shot ­ Shows background, establishes where
you are
· Mid-Shot ­ shows torse and some background
· Close-up ­ Head and shoulders (draws attention to
face or object)
· POV (point of view) ­ helps us se action from character's
view and thus empathise with them
· High angle ­ Camera looks down (vulnerable)
· Low Angle ­ Camera looks up (powerful)
· Rule of Three ­ What frame is main character /
object in?…read more

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Directs our attention to emphasise a particular view point.
· Panning Shot ­ Camera moves slowly from side to side
from fixed axis
· Tilt Shot ­ Camera moves up + down (fixed axis)
· Crane Shot ­ Camera mounted on crane, moves above
ground level
· Tracking Shot ­ Camera follows action, moving along
track (usually pulling backwards)
· Hand-held ­ Camera held in hand . `eye witness' accounts
of situation
· Deep Focus ­ all elements are in equal focus
· Shallow Focus ­ Background blurred…read more

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SCENE…read more

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