GCSE English Language Cluster 2 poem revision notes

GCSE key revision notes I made for the exam helped me get an A*, Key points on the 2nd cluster (presents from my aunts in Pakistan etc...) 

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Poetry Analysis
Moniza Alvi : Presents from my aunts in Pakistan
Theme : race and identity which she associates with
material things
Language : Use of colours ­ contrasts the exotic
colours ,"apple green" "glistening...orange", with what
she saw around her school and with the things she asked
for in return. A paradox is show between her vivid
admiration of the opulent clothes but she "couldn't rise
up out of its fire" a powerful metaphor to express the
discomfort felt by the poet, who "longed for denim and
corduroy", plainer but comfortable and inconspicuous.
Inadequate in any culture as the simile suggests that the
clothes showed her own lack if beauty: "I could never be
as beautiful as those clothes". Ironic final image of British
garden structure of "fretwork" looking at an Indian garden
showing how the poet is looking at Pakistan through
English eyes
Imagery : Metaphor ­ "was alien in the sitting room" ­
strangeness of wearing the Pakistani clothes ­ "Candy
striped glass bangles drew blood" ­ how her own
heritage is rejecting her and represents a broken
childhood ­ traditions harms the poet.
Structure : regularly fragmented ­ speakers mind set
as she is confused about her identity as she moves

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Poetry Analysis
between two cultures. Visually represents the fragmented
state of the fractured homeland to which the speaker
refers to.
Linked to ..... SEARCH FOR MY TONGUE /
John Agard : HalfCaste
Theme : The main theme is one of attacking the outdated
term `half caste' and prejudice
Language : Satire ­ "England weather nearly always
halfcaste" pun makes us realize what a obscure word to
use as we wouldn't use it for any other situations.…read more

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Poetry Analysis
stress the inadequacy of standardization as a concept
express themselves. Repetition and colloquial language.
Structure : Non ­ standard punctuation such as / no
full stops or commas even at the end. Two fragmented
Linked to ... Unrelated Incidents / Search for my tongue
/ P.F.M.A.I.P
Leonard : Unrelated Incidents
Theme : Contradicting the stereotypical view of a
Glaswegian scott
Language : Main idea is of truth ­ "trooth" or "troo".…read more

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Poetry Analysis
Bhatt says that she has lost the ability to speak for herself and her
culture. She explains this using two images of the first language
being the `mother tongue' and a second tongue is the country of
the origin. She says that you cannot use both together, thus
emphasising the intimate connection to identity, home and
birthright proving the basis on which to express one's self.…read more

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Poetry Analysis
Language : ambiguous pronouns `they' is used to
signal the unknown oppressors in contrast to the named
victims ­ increased familiarity and therefore empathy for
their plight. Rhetorical questions underpins the notions
that we should all be constantly questioning those who
rule over us. The rhetorical refrain is gone the last time
suggests the speaker has been targeted too.…read more

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Poetry Analysis
Nichols: Hurricane Hits England
Theme : Cultural Identity
Language : Personal Pronouns ­ begins in the third
person but changes in the 2nd stanza to second person
meaning the speaker could be anyone who has made
that journey. Specific Diction ­ "huracan"and the gods
"oya" "Shango" of the Yoruba tribe who were taken salves
to the Caribbean to past personify the storm. Use of Light
and dark contrasts the electricity of man and nature
`blinding illumination' lightning and inability to see
metaphorically.…read more

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Poetry Analysis
/ P.F.M.A.I.…read more


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