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Poetry Analysis

Moniza Alvi : Presents from my aunts in Pakistan
Theme : race and identity which she associates with
material things

Language : Use of colours ­ contrasts the exotic
colours ,"apple green" "", with what
she saw around her school and with the things she asked
for in…

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Poetry Analysis

between two cultures. Visually represents the fragmented
state of the fractured homeland to which the speaker
refers to.

Linked to ..... SEARCH FOR MY TONGUE /

John Agard : HalfCaste
Theme : The main theme is one of attacking the outdated
term `half caste'…

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Poetry Analysis

stress the inadequacy of standardization as a concept
express themselves. Repetition and colloquial language.

Structure : Non ­ standard punctuation such as / no
full stops or commas even at the end. Two fragmented

Linked to ... Unrelated Incidents / Search for my tongue
/ P.F.M.A.I.P


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Poetry Analysis

contrast to `ma truth'. Refusal to accept standard English
punctuation show individuality.

Structure : lines of 24 syllables but not endstopped.
The effect is that of the autocue used by news readers.

Linked to ... Halfcaste / Search for my tongue

Bhatt : Search for my tongue

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Poetry Analysis

Bhatt says that she has lost the ability to speak for herself and her
culture. She explains this using two images of the first language
being the `mother tongue' and a second tongue is the country of
the origin. She says that you cannot use both together, thus…

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Poetry Analysis

Language : ambiguous pronouns `they' is used to
signal the unknown oppressors in contrast to the named
victims ­ increased familiarity and therefore empathy for
their plight. Rhetorical questions underpins the notions
that we should all be constantly questioning those who
rule over us. The rhetorical refrain is…

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Poetry Analysis

Nichols: Hurricane Hits England
Theme : Cultural Identity

Language : Personal Pronouns ­ begins in the third
person but changes in the 2nd stanza to second person
meaning the speaker could be anyone who has made
that journey. Specific Diction ­ "huracan"and the gods
"oya" "Shango" of the…

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Poetry Analysis

/ P.F.M.A.I.P


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