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GCSE English Literature
GCSE English Language

Revision Pack

Of Mice and Men
The Crucible
Poetry ­ `Character and Voice' cluster
Nonfiction reading and writing

GCSE English Literature
Paper One ­ Exploring Modern Texts

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You should be looking to reread your texts over the Easter break. Another good
option would be to listen to audiobooks of your texts (if you do this, make sure
that the versions that you listen to are `complete and unabridged').

I've attached copies of the questions that you had…

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Revise Steinbeck's use of symbolism. Think about the way he uses the
colour red. Consider his use of animal imagery when he describes Lennie.
Look at Candy's dog as a metaphor for Lennie.

Remember that this is a novel and Steinbeck is the writer. He uses certain
techniques in order…

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Use Kerboodle to revise the poems in the `Character and Voice'
cluster. Focus on the activities which require you to plan essays or
write paragraphs. Read the model paragraphs that you are given:

Username (your school username)
Password (either your school password or newton)
School code (9332)

GCSE English Language…

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Revise PAF (purpose, audience and form)

Remember, that as well as identifying linguistic techniques, you
need to be able to use them!

Have a go at any of these questions (don't forget to plan!):

Write the text for a leaflet persuading young people to recycle.

Write about a time…


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