GCSE English

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How To Revise English

Paper 1, Section A

What do you need to do in the exam??

  • Be able to follow an argument and identify how a writer builds up the argument
  • Identify facts and opinions and explain the effects of them in the article i.e.- how does the writer use facts and opinions give an alternative view
  • Comment on presentational devices
  • Compare and contrast two pieces of writing

What can you do to revise??

  • Read different types of material (newspapers-tabloid/broadsheet, online, adverts) and identify techniques used and effect
  • Practise past papers under timed conditions – try to hand write them as this will reflect the exam better

Paper 2, Section A

What do you need to do in the exam??

  • Compare the METHODS that present a theme (peoples lives, feelings, message in poems) with ONE other poem

-  This means to comment on TECHNIQUE and EFFECT

What can you do to revise??

·        go through ALL of the poems- only the…




Similies* you mean :)

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