GCSE English pastpaper booklet and help

A booklet used by my school giving help for the pastpaper questions :)

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How to be Successful on
English Paper 1:
Section A: How Writers
Achieve Effects ­ Exam
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The Exam
At some stage in the examination, it is highly likely that you will be
asked to compare the linguistic and/or use of presentational devices in
the texts you are presented with in the exam. You need to be able to
look across two texts and be ready to identify how the writers of the
texts have adopted certain features of language and presentation to
engage their audiences.…read more

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TEXT A ­ feature article from a national newspaper
It is a Friday night in the Cameron
household. Henry Cameron, father of
Cassie, Grace and Illie ushers his children
into the living room to watch television.
Henry maintains control of the remote at
all times and is highly vigilant about what
his young daughters see on television.…read more

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As the decade wore on body counts were to increase until it was no longer about the number of the
deaths, but the brutality of the killing that became the preoccupation of Hollywood filmmakers. Steven
Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan ­ acclaimed for its brutal, if realistic, reenactment of the DDay
landings ­ broke new ground in cinematic violence. Embracing new technology, Spielberg subjected
his audience to a blood drenched twenty minutes of the most horrific violence ever seen on film.…read more

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Eagleton is
demanding even tougher legislation he wants a moratorium on all film violence.
While the VChip might be protecting the young and impressionable minds of Henry Cameron's
children, there are arguably more young people taking relish in the horrors that they see each night on
their screens. Many of whom the psychologists tell us will go on to perpetuate violence themselves.…read more

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TEXT B: leaflet from a children's charity
Are you
watching what they're
Young People
and Violence in
the Media
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The NSPCC promotes
positive and responsible
viewing habits in the interest
of our childrens' well being
and moral development.
For further information about our campaign, or for more guidance
on how you can become a responsible viewer, log on to our
website www.nspcc.org.uk/areyouwatchingwhatthey'rewatching
Copyright © 2008 www.englishteaching.co.uk and www.englishteaching.co.…read more

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Planning a Response to a Question about Language in a Text
At some stage on English Paper 1, you are going to be asked to consider
the linguistic choices that a writer has made in their text. It is
important that you adopt a very systematic and logical approach to this
kind of question.
The first thing you need to think about is the kinds of choices that are
open to writers.…read more



Very useful!

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