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AQA English Language
Paper 1
Section A revision notes…read more

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Section 1A facts and opinion
· Need to remember:
· Facts: can be proven so they must be true. They are powerful things
that can be used in your work to persuade and advice someone to
be on your side!
· Opinion: is someone's personal belief. It what they think and feel.
· Need to watch out because some opinions seem like facts. Its a way
of tricking the reader into thinking that their opinion is a fact!
· Opinions can be used to persuade someone and most of the time
convince the reader that what is being said is true!…read more

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Section 1B Presentational devices
· At the top of you paper you should write:
· Purpose ­ Audience ­ Language ­ layout
· These four words can help you make notes on the texts that you are
· 1. Purpose= to inform, entertain, explain, persuade, convince or
· Audience= young, old, mixed audience, Adults, teenagers or
· Language= formal, informal, chatty, complex, alliterative or
descriptive.…read more

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Section 1B Presentational devices
· Language is important so comment!!
· Always comment on the language of the text you get the most
marks for it but its also the hardest thing to do! But, apply this
knowledge and get the high grades!
· Read the text and think about the words that are being used are
they persuasive, do they make you feel that its formal? Informal?
· The tone of the text? Harsh? Soft? Funny?
· Is the language just formals and factual?…read more

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Section 1B Presentational devices
· LAYOUT! This is all about the presentation
· Alliteration- are there any alliterations used? Makes the words
· Bullet points- organise the text
· Captions help the reader to see why the image was used
· colour- the use of colours! There are many reasons to why the
writer's use colours find out why!
· Fonts- are the fonts used formal? Are they informal? Find out if they
use old classical fonts like times new roman you know its formal but
comic sans being used means informal! You should know that!
· Headings: a great way to organise the page…read more

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Section 1B Presentational devices
· Continued:
· Images ­ what type of images have been used? Are they useful?
What are the affects of the image?
· Italics- emphasis on words
· Logos- company recognition
· Paragraphs- the spacing great any effective structures? One line
· Finally comment on the first expression of the page and talk about
the layout that you see!…read more

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