GCSE Edexcel the six day war notes

GCSE Edexcel the six day war notes

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Six-Day War
Background to the Six-Day War
Since the Suez crisis Israel had built up her forces by purchasing arms
form the US and western Europe esp. France. The Arab states were
supplied by the USSR.
There were regular border skirmishes between Israelis and Palestinian
groups such as the PLO (founded in 1964) and Fatah (founded in 1954 by
Yasser Arafat).
By 1967 Nasser thought he was strong enough to defeat Israel esp. since
the Soviets would back him. He moved troops closer to the border. This
action was met by increased mobilisation by the Israelis.
In May 1967 Yasser told the UN forces to leave Egypt (where they had
been since the Suez Crisis) and also blockaded the Israeli port of Eilat by
preventing Egyptian ships from using the straits of Tiran
The Israelis were outnumbered; 4,000,000 against 100,000,000 Arabs,
but they did have the advantage that Israel is a small country and troops
can be positioned at stations within 24 hours. All fit men in Israel were
conscripted and there were about 300,000 reserves.
Without waiting to be attacked, Israeli launched and attack against her
enemies on the 5th June.
Using your textbook (p32-36) and the article "The Six Day Miracle",
answer the following questions.
Why did the Six Day War take place?
Israelis such as Moshe Dayan believed that an aggressive policy
towards the Arab states was the only way of guaranteeing Israeli
stability. (plans of attack had already been drawn up in 1962)
There had been frequent border skirmishes between the Arabs and
the Israelis.
The Emergence of Fatah under Yasser Arafat was an important
development. Fatah argued for the liberation of the Palestinian
people and felt that this was more important than Arab unity and
that force was acceptable if necessary to achieve it.
Egypt's president Nasser had a key role in the build up to the 6-Day
war. In 1965 at an Arab summit he agreed a three-year plan to build
up the Arab forces in order to attack Israel.
Nasser did not really want a war, but because of his threatening
speeches the Israelis thought that he did. Nasser, on hearing that the
Israelis were building up forces for an attack, Sent Egyptian forces
to Sharm el Sheikh near the border.
Nasser asked the UNEF to leave Egypt (Sinai, Gaza and the Strait
of Tiran).
Then he closed the Strait of Tiran thus blocking entry to the port of
Eilat for Israel.

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict
To the Israelis, this was tantamount to a declaration of war. They
also took advantage of Nasser's aggressive speeches and used them as
an excuse to attack Egypt and the other Arab states. Remember in
1949, only truces had been signed.…read more

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict
What were the consequences of the Six Day War?
(Think about territorial gains/losses, the Port of Eilat, the involvement of
the US and the USSR, Israeli strength, Arab reactions and the refugee
Israel lost about 700 men as opposed to the 15,000 lost by the Arab
Israel also lost only 19 planes as oppose to the 311 lost by the Arab
states.…read more


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