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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Six-Day War

Background to the Six-Day War

Since the Suez crisis Israel had built up her forces by purchasing arms
form the US and western Europe esp. France. The Arab states were
supplied by the USSR.
There were regular border skirmishes between Israelis and Palestinian…

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

To the Israelis, this was tantamount to a declaration of war. They
also took advantage of Nasser's aggressive speeches and used them as
an excuse to attack Egypt and the other Arab states. Remember in
1949, only truces had been signed.

What were the main events…

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

What were the consequences of the Six Day War?

(Think about territorial gains/losses, the Port of Eilat, the involvement of
the US and the USSR, Israeli strength, Arab reactions and the refugee

Israel lost about 700 men as opposed to the 15,000 lost by the…


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