GCSE Edexcel History - Cold war timeline

This is a word 2003 document of 4 pages - it gives brief outlines of what happens and dates. It also shows which leader was in power at the time of the event.

I made this timeline for my GCSE and found it useful as prompting for what happened when and asking myself the other details to the event that happened.

I hope this helps you too!

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Date Event Leader
1945 World War II ends Roosevelt/Stalin
February 1945 Yalta Conference Roosevelt/Stalin
Japan to be attacked by USSR once Germany is
United Nations Organisation to be set up.
Divide Germany.
Eastern European Governments to have free elections.
July 1945 Potsdam Conference Truman/Stalin
Japan attacked as planned.
Anything of value to be taken from Germany as
Nuremburg Parties set up and Nazi Party banned.
Eastern border of Poland moved to the River Neisse.
1947 Truman Doctrine Truman/Stalin
Military and economical aid given to Greece, Turkey and
those who need it to support themselves from
Communism. This showed the harder side of
Containment. ­ Containment = Using US influence and
military resources to prevent the expansion of communism
into non communist countries.
*Rivalry between USA & USSR increased
*Marshall Aid
*Greek Royalists won
*1947 ­ Stalin sets up Cominform
Marshall Aid
Financial aid was to be given to those who were suffering
after the war to rebuild by America and to those who
were under threat of Communism. This therefore
strengthened W. Europe from Communism.
1948/9 Berlin Blockade ­ Begins 24th June '48 Ends 12th May Truman/Stalin
*First major crisis of 1949
cold war
USSR blocks off all the routes to the Western Sectors of
Berlin and so all supplies have to be airlifted to Berlin.
Supply planes took off at 30 second intervals so that
West Berlin was kept `safe', however West Berliners

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later saw that this didn't work for him to take the whole of
Berlin and so he reopened the routes once again.
Consequence: NATO
1949 USSR ­ First Atom Bomb Truman/Stalin
Shocked America because they thought it would take
them longer to develop this technology.
NATO 4th April 1949
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Military alliance of 12
China becomes a Communist Country. ­ Communism
spreads to Asia
195053 Korean War Truman/Eisenhower
North Korea attacks South Korea.…read more

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Revolt against communist control that was crushed by
Red Army. Khrushchev suggested that Moscow would
tolerate different kinds of Communism, which encouraged
Hungarians to hold multiparty elections and withdraw
from the Warsaw Pact. Consequently this showed the
communism could only be put in place by force.
The USA was unable to help Hungary without igniting a
world war.…read more

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Space Link up Mission
Cooperation between superpowers in an area where
there was lots of competition. Nixon's improving relation
with China led the USSR to try to improve relations with
the USA as they didn't want to be replaced by China.
1979 SALT II not ratified by US congress. Carter/Brezhnev
Initially to last until 1985.
2400 ICBMs, SLBMs and Heavy Bombers, 1320
Due to the USSR invading Afghanistan.…read more

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USA to eliminate 846
USSR 1846
1989 Free elections in Poland Bush Senior/Gorby
Berlin Wall knocked down
Summit in Malta
Cold war announced over
1990 Germany reunites into one again Bush Senior/Gorby
31st May ­ 3rd June
Washington Summit
Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE)
Signed by NATO and Warsaw Pact representatives
Reduce number of tanks, missiles and nonnuclear military
hardware.…read more



owh this is great! thank youu xo

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