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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The 1948-49 War and the Creation of Israel.

The UN Partition plan

· In November 1947 the UN voted on the partition proposal for Palestine.
· The vote was 33 in favour and 10 against. It was clear that war was a very strong

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

· The worst incident during this campaign took place at Dier Yassin, where over 200 Arabs were
killed by the Irgun and the Stern gang (even though Arabs in the town had made a peace pact with local

· Ben-Gurion declared the state of Israeli…

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

· The Arab states around Israeli were not really interested in helping the Palestinians. By the end of
1948 they had lost the stomach for war.

· Apart from Egypt, all the Arab states were now states. They were not really strong enough internally to


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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

· By the Spring of 1949, the Israelis had pushed the Egyptians back into the Sinai Desert and advanced
into southern Lebanon. The only parts still under Palestinian control was a small strip around Gaza and the West

· At this stage, as well as…


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