GCSE Edexcel Religious Studies catholic christianity - matters of life and death

Revision notes for the Catholic christianity exam, hope it helps :)

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2.1 - Why Catholics believe in life after death and how that affects their lives Jesus rose from the dead. All four gospels record his resurrection and the new testament refers
Why Catholics believe in life
to Jesus resurrection A LOT - so if Jesus rose from the dead, then there is life after death
St Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 ­ teaches that people will have a resurrection like Jesus, having a
spiritual body given to them by God.
The major creeds teach that Jesus rose from the dead and there is life after death
Immortality of the soul ­ when the body dies, the soul leaves the body to live with God
after death
The catechism says there is life after death, so all Catholics should believe it
Life after death gives Catholics lives meaning and purpose. A life after death means we can all be
Many believe that they will be judged by God after death and that only if they have lived a good
How beliefs about life after death
catholic life they will be allowed into heaven. This means that they try to live a good life so as to
affect the lives of Catholics
get into heaven and not purgatory or hell when they die.
Catholics will try to love God by praying and worshipping Him, and attending mass every Sunday
Can lead to some Catholics helping with charities like CAFOD so as to "love your neighbour"
Sin prevents people from going to heaven ­ so Catholics believe that try to avoid committing sin
in their lives so they will go to heaven.
Living your life with a purpose and believing that life has meaning; both affect the way you live.
Catholics believe in life after death because:
Jesus rose from the dead
The bible and the creed say there is life after death
The church teaches that there is life after death
The soul is something that can never die
This affects their lives as Catholics will try to love God and their neighbour so that they go to heaven
2.2 ­ Non-religious reasons for believing in life after death
Near death experience = when somebody about to die has an out-of body experience
They believe that they felt what it was like to be dead and what heaven is like
Ghosts and Ouija boards, as well as mediums who claim to be able to contact the dead
If mediums can contact the dead in a spirit world, then there must be a life after death
for a
Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists believe in reincarnation, with many famous stories
The evidence
If examples are true, then it would be evidence for reincarnation, and so life after death
They reject the evidence of mediums and ghosts as superstition
The church also rejects reincarnation
Some people believe in life after death for non-religious reasons such as:
Near-death experiences when people see things during heart attacks, operations, etc.
Evidence of the spirit world, ghosts, mediums, etc.
Evidence of reincarnation, such as people remembering previous lives

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­ Why some people do not believe in life after death If there is not God, there is nothing non-material and no heaven to go to after death
Why some people do not believe in
Different religions have different beliefs about life after death. If it were true, then they would
all be the same, therefore there is no life after death
The evidence for life after death is based on either Holy books or the supernatural, both are
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­ Different Christian attitudes to abortion All direct abortion is wrong as life begins at the moment of conception. Medical staff should
also have the right to refuse to do an abortion.…read more

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­ Christian attitudes to Euthanasia All forms of euthanasia are wrong BUT switching off a life support machine is not euthanasia they
are brain dead ­ so cannot be saved.
They believe in the sanctity of life. It is up to God to end life, not people.
Catholic attitude All euthanasia is a form of murder, forbidden by the 10 commandments
If a person is brain-dead, then they have already died and switching it off is just accepting what God
has already done.…read more

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­ How an issue from matters of life and death is presented in the media Could be connected with: Life and death, abortion, euthanasia, world poverty
You must know: why the issue was important, how it was presented, whether the presentation was
fair to religious beliefs and whether the presentation was fair to religious people
1 ­ Select ONE issue
2 ­ Decide why the issue is important to and why you think the producers of the media decided to
focus on this issue…read more

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­How and why CAFOD is trying to remove world poverty Development programmes ­ allow LEDCs to become self-supporting and eventually become
How CAFOD is trying to end
MEDCs. They do this by opening clinics, providing education for children and helping with
Disasters and emergencies ­ CAFOD has a disaster fund, providing emergency aid and helping
Raising awareness ­ about 5% of its budget is used to educate people about how we can help
world poverty
less developed countries.…read more


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