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2.1 - Why Catholics believe in life after death and how that affects their lives Jesus rose from the dead. All four gospels record his resurrection and the new testament refers

Why Catholics believe in life
to Jesus resurrection A LOT - so if Jesus rose from the dead, then…

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2.3 ­ Why some people do not believe in life after death If there is not God, there is nothing non-material and no heaven to go to after death

Why some people do not believe in
Different religions have different beliefs about life after death. If it were true, then…

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2.5 ­ Different Christian attitudes to abortion All direct abortion is wrong as life begins at the moment of conception. Medical staff should
also have the right to refuse to do an abortion. They believe abortion is wrong because:
Life is Holy and only God should have the right to…

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2.7 ­ Christian attitudes to Euthanasia All forms of euthanasia are wrong BUT switching off a life support machine is not euthanasia they
are brain dead ­ so cannot be saved.
They believe in the sanctity of life. It is up to God to end life, not people.
Catholic attitude…

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2.9 ­ How an issue from matters of life and death is presented in the media Could be connected with: Life and death, abortion, euthanasia, world poverty

You must know: why the issue was important, how it was presented, whether the presentation was
fair to religious beliefs and whether…

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2.11 ­How and why CAFOD is trying to remove world poverty Development programmes ­ allow LEDCs to become self-supporting and eventually become

How CAFOD is trying to end
MEDCs. They do this by opening clinics, providing education for children and helping with
Disasters and emergencies ­ CAFOD has a…


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