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1.1 ­ The main features of a Catholic upbringing and how it may lead to a belief in God
The main Children are often baptised as a baby. As part of this sacrament, parents will promise to bring up their
features of child as catholic.
a Catholic They will probably…

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1.3 ­ The argument from design and belief in God
What is Design = involves things working together according to a plan to produce something that was
design? intended. E.g., a car ­ it is clear that it was designed.

Evidence of Laws of science ­ the universe works according…

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1.5 ­ Scientific explanations for the world and agnosticism and atheism
Evidence for Red Shift Effect ­ the red shift in light from other galaxies is evidence that the universe is expanding.
the Big Bang

Evidence for The fossil record ­ shows how life has developed over time
evolution The…

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1.7 ­ Why unanswered prayers may lead to agnosticism or atheism
Not feeling If a person is unable to feel God's presence when they pray, it is likely to make them feel that
God's something is wrong.
presence They may ask for advice or trying praying harder.
when After all…

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1.9 ­ Evil and suffering
Moral evil Moral evil = evil caused by humans misusing their free will, choosing to do evil.
E.g. war ­ causes large amounts of evil and suffering
E.g. suicide bombers ­ actively choose to cause suffering to innocent people so as to draw attention

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1.11 ­ How two programmes about religion may affect a person's attitude to belief in God
Examples Songs of Praise, The Convent, A Seaside Parish, The Miracles of Jesus, The Simpsons, The Vicar of

Make notes 1 ­ Write a summary of the programme
on: 2 ­ Decide which…


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