GCSE Edexcel History - Cold War Timeline

Timeline of what i think you need to know for edexcel GCSE Cold War exam. Timeline with key information and slight description

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Timeline of the Cold War
1943: Teheran conference - (USA,UK and USSR all agreed to unite to get rid of Hitler also spheres of
influence in Eastern Europe for USSR and Western Europe for USA)
1945: Yalta Conference (Cold War Begins) - (UN formed to replace failed League of Nations, USSR
agreed to help USA defeat Japan and Nazi war criminals to be hunted down and prosecuted)
1945: Potsdam conference - (Germany was split into four zones, and Berlin was to be split into East
and West Berlin)
1945: Potsdam conference continued - (Also USA had developed and tested Atmoic Bomb which
gave him the confidence to try and boss the whole conference causing tension between him and
1945: United States first used atomic bomb in Japan war - (Threatened USSR by showing nuclear
1945: Russia enters war against Japan
1945: Japanese surrender End of World War II
1946: Long and Novikov telegrams - (Shows that USA and USSR have trust issues)
1947: Truman doctrine - (Truman Troops sent to aid of countries with communist revolts, attempts to
contain communist spread)
1947: Marshall Plan is announced - (Marshall Aid given to countries in need of money to prevent
turning communists)
1947: Cominform announced - (All communist Eastern Bloc joined to allow Stalin to give information
such as to boycott Marshall Aid)
1948: Berlin Blockade begins and Berlin Airlift begins in response
1949: NATO ratified
1949: Berlin Blockade ends and Berlin Airlift ends
1949: Soviets explode first atomic bomb
1949: Red Scare reaches its peak with American Celebrities being named and pushed into exile
(Hollywood 10)
1950: Korean War begins
1952: USA test first H-Bomb
1953: USSR test their first H-Bomb
1953: Korean War ends

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KGB established
1954: Vietnam split into North Vietnam (Communist) and South Vietnam (Capitalists)
1956: Hungary Uprising and execution of Nagy
1957: Sputnik launched into orbit
1958: Khrushchev demands withdrawal of troops from Berlin (6 month ultamatum)
1959: Cuba taken over by Fidel Castro
1959: Khrushchev visits United States; denied access to Disneyland
1960: Soviet Union reveals that U.S. spy plane was shot down over Soviet territory
1960: John F.…read more

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SALT I signed - (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty - limiting number of weapons, missile
launchers, submarines etc.…read more


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