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Timeline of the Cold War

1943: Teheran conference - (USA,UK and USSR all agreed to unite to get rid of Hitler also spheres of
influence in Eastern Europe for USSR and Western Europe for USA)

1945: Yalta Conference (Cold War Begins) - (UN formed to replace failed League of Nations,…

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1954: KGB established

1954: Vietnam split into North Vietnam (Communist) and South Vietnam (Capitalists)

1956: Hungary Uprising and execution of Nagy

1957: Sputnik launched into orbit

1958: Khrushchev demands withdrawal of troops from Berlin (6 month ultamatum)

1959: Cuba taken over by Fidel Castro

1959: Khrushchev visits United States; denied…

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1972: SALT I signed - (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty - limiting number of weapons, missile
launchers, submarines etc. they were allowed to have

1972: ABM Treaty - (Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty - USA and USSR both agreed to have a limited
number [100] of anti missile protection devices)

1973: Cease fire…


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