GCSE Drama War Horse Revision Notes

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War Horse
Sound designer, Christopher Shutt
Overall Impacts
-Impressive/exhilarating from a combination of
dramatic techniques. All these production elements
come together to produce something this good:
*puppets, *the acting, *the set, *the lighting
-Moving emotionally connected, the violence helped
it being moved
-There are moments of dramatic irony we have
sympathy for there naivety audience are in greater
knowledge than characters on stage e.g. we will be
home in a couple of months (when they are going off
to war) we know they will not be back for months
-Audience involvement position of actors standing
and running through the audience.
-Impressive technical elements working the horses
with the actors
-Epic story (one that moves between changes of
location and time period) so it had to be simple set
but very clear to where and what they are doing

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Horse puppets believable. visible operators don't
mind us and they are a good thing the way they are
dressed the same as the horse and when the horse
moves round stage (and they go too) they gallop also.…read more

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*pre-recorded instruments
*solo vocalist (creates mood or location), he would
walk around watching accounts and sing to it
*dying out sounds during scene changes, or a tune, if
it's silence creates a mood
*Church bells (village coming together for war >
portrayed as merry)
(before we go to war there is a silence then a band
-puppets its designed to have an impression of a
horse, but were always aware of the puppeteers.…read more

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Specific Exam Section (Tech)
Describe- what there was to do what

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-loud crashing waves
-rails make a sound also creates fear
-singer and cheery soldiers shouting
create atmosphere, sea shanty, there is fear
and also boldness and a bit of bravery (creates
the right atmosphere for going into war) the
singer also shows how people were merry and
optimistic about going into war (didn't know
what was going to hit them)
-the sounds were all a good contrast to each
other as merry music and cheery soldiers with
bold scary music ­ they don't…read more

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Lining up for battle
*here it is layered (more than one thing going
on= a lot of music)
-prerecorded trumpets and trumpets coming
from audience player
-sounds from shouting soldiers
-horses fidgeting and trudging
-horses gallop and increase pace
-bullets explosions
-neighs from horses as they get shot
-building up towards a crescendo
contrast of slow horses but fast horse sounds
and music gives a dramatic impact
music (galloping pace, crescendo [gets
louder]pace and volume)
-stronger bullets and machine gun noises as
Nicholls gets hit…read more

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After gun fire
-Light scary death music- feeling alone and
scared portrays what the war was like
-Crow sounds (picking at the bodies)
-Singer comes on stage and sings with the
puppeteers who are on the floor after falling
with the horses
-Singers sound die out and goes to Christmas
-Singer folk carol, slow, melancholic, about
grieving for the dead ­location and characters
on stage feelings are different
noise contrast from energetic violent
confusing time, to still different type of
feeling showing atmosphere…read more

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War house, New London Theatre
I am going to focus on the section from where the
soldiers and horses are heading off to france and
ends with Albert going off to join the army
3 General Design notes
This use of silence is as important as loud noise,
different locations and moods.…read more

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War Horse, New London Theatre
-About a boy named Albert and his horse, who his
father has won on another one of his drunken bets,
they grow close and have a touching relationship.
Then at the outbreak of World War I, Ted, Albert's
father, sells Joey to the cavalry. The story follows
closely what is happening to Joey in army life, and
how Albert is missing him deeply at home.…read more

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A sentence coinciding with the question
STATEMENT; What was successful?
EXAMPLE; How was it successful?
EXPLANATION; Why was it successful?
*How well did the skill communicate
-Playwright's intentions (script)
-Period and location
-Mood and atmosphere
-Genre and style
-How it made you feel
-How it coincided with other elements (acting, tech,
*Cover 3-5 points in detail
*Refer to specific moments of the scene (don't talk
about it generally)
*Refer back to the question as much as possible
*focus on the impact
*don't repeat…read more


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