Drama: Devised: Question One

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Question One

Choose a piece of practical work in which you have made a contribution as an actor. Expect answers to refer to the following:

  • Identification of the style.
  • Identification of the period.
  • Identification of the target audience.
  • Identification of the genre.
  • Identification of the performance space - general responses, such as school hall or drama studio are accepted.
  • Identification of own contribution, for example actor, stage manager, set designer.
  • Identification of design elements.
  • Identification of technical elements.

For top marks, work through the question in order.

Our piece was about: drugs and peer pressure. We focused on a group of school girls who take drugs in a classroom at school; we wanted our audience to focus on and think about peer pressure.

The style of our piece: was naturalistic, with non-naturalistic elements. This is because we wanted the audience to feel the emotions of the characters.

The period of our piece: was the present day as it made it more relatable for us and the audience, allowing it to stay true to the style of naturalism.

Our target audience: was mainly teenagers because we thought they would feel the emotions of our characters best, as they would be able to relate and understand our characters, staying true to the style of naturalism.

The genre of our piece: was a tragedy as it feautures some distressing and sinister themes, including the death of one of the main characters.

The performance space: was our drama studio…


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