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Drama GCSE Revision Pack
0 4 Explain what you felt were the strengths and weaknesses of your own practical skills in
the final performance.
"My contribution to the piece was playing the role of Christine. I felt that my use of facial
expressions was a particular strength as I was able to convey Christine's fear which
supported the overall aim of the piece to highlight the effect on a family of a missing child...…read more

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Drama GCSE Revision Pack
Question 2
Examples of your personal objective:
"My character wants to patronise Christine in order to gain power" ­ Mia's character, Police
Officer.…read more

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Drama GCSE Revision Pack
understood your characters personal history and experiences and therefore you changed
your posture to an upright position to show your characters age and experience.
Give 2 examples and focus on one acting skill (vocals, movement, posture, gesture, facial
expression etc) per example.
Question 3
See `Rehearsal Techniques' sheet for examples.…read more

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Drama GCSE Revision Pack
Specific moment and what you were trying to achieve
Quotation/Description of movement sequence
How you delivered it
Were you successful in creating your intended impact on the audience?
Section B
Do not repeat acting skills or scenes or moments across questions!
You should read all the questions available in Section B before you decide which 2 to answer.…read more

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Drama GCSE Revision Pack
Refer to:
Communication of plays message, themes
Interpretation of character
Creation of mood/atmosphere
Creation of period/location
Performance style
Performance skills ­ physical/vocal/facial expression
Refer to particular moments:
Application of vocal/physical/ facial expression
Use of space
Use of props/costumes
Section C
Contextualise: Clearly identify scene or moment you are referring to.…read more


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