Drama written; question one

Style of the piece?
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Period of the piece?
Modern day
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Drama with haunting scenes intending to have an impact.
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Performance space?
Drama studio with the audience at one end.
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Target audience?
Mature age 13-16
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What is it based on?
The notes I complied
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Homelessness and runaways
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What does our target audience mean we can do?
We could make our dialogue more sophisticated for example "prostitute". The audience can empathise and understand homelessness
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What props did we use and why?
Two chairs as we had a low budget and wanted the audience to use their imagination as it is abstract
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What did the lack of props link to?
The theme of homelessness and the characters not having much
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What lighting and why?
Low lighting to reflect the subject of homelessness which worked well as it had an eerie effect
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Costume? Why?
All black as we wanted each actor to have an equal role and it meant we could easily use a multi-rolling technique.
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Why didn't you use masks?
They muffled our voices so therefore it was harder to deliver our lines.
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Other than as an actor, what other contribution did you make?
I gave my thoughts to the group in order for our group to improve.
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How did you set the opening scene?
I set the opening scene in the shape of a pyramid as it is a strong shape and easy to see all characters.
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What techniques did you use? why?
Flashbacks, monologues and duologues. They allowed the character to put across their emotions.
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Period of the piece?


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