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GCSE: Design &
~ ~
By Lizzy Erskine.…read more

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History Of Product Design...
Influences of Nature:
Product Design has
been influenced by The Arts and Crafts movement (1890s) was
the following founded by William Morris...
things... Discovery of It promoted quality craftsmanship.
new materials, Iconic It was inspired by natural patterns and
products, forms.
Manufacturing and It uses high-quality materials, which were
technology only affordable by the wealthy.
Fashions, Trends and Art Nouveau developed in Europe from 1890-
The latest thinking. 1914...
These influences lead It was based on natural organic lines.
to the emergence of It includes designers like Charles Rennie
new, distinct styles at Mackintosh.
certain times in
history. These are
called design
movements.…read more

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History Of Product Design...
Influences of Industry:
The modernist movement was influenced by industrial
designs and made use of geometric shapes.
The Bauhaus movement (1919-1933) was a German
school of art and design...
It produced the first design for mass production.
It was the origin of many `design classics'.
Art Deco (1920-1930s) began with an exhibition of
products in Paris in 1925:
It typically involved the use of geometric shapes.
It was influenced by artefacts in Tutankhamen's
recently opened tomb.
It included the ceramicist Claris Cliff.
It was regarded as a `glamorous' period.
De Stijil (The Style, mid- 1920s) started in Holland...
It featured extreme geometric design, e.g. Rectangles
and primary colours.
It inspired completely new designs in furniture and
It include the painter, Piet Mondrian, and the designer
Gerrit Rietveld (red and blue chair design classic).…read more

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History Of Product Design...
War, Post-war and the 1960's:
The Streamlined Age was about
speed and movement. New
materials and production methods
allowed designs to be
manufactured cheaply. There were
three main influences...
The rapid growth in transport
The interest in science.
The race to put the first man on
the moon.
In the 1960s there was a huge
consumer growth as consumers
craved new ideas...
The `Mods' represented the first
separate teenage consumer
Designers included Mary Quant
(designer of the mini skirt) and
Alec Issigonis (Morris Mini).…read more

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History Of Product Design...
1970-Present Day:
By the 1980's the designer name or
brand was important to consumers:
The designer label spread from fashion
markets to other areas of product
Promotion and packaging became a
key part of the complete product.
The Memphis Group (early 1980s) was
an alternative view point to
It was started by a group of Italian
designers, led by Ettore Sottsass.
They produce highly-decorative
laminates and humorous products.
Their post-modernism influence can
be seen in many of today's products.
Blobism us a current trend characterised
by a lack if straight lines and produced
in a variety of ways. The development of
sophisticated CAD software has allowed
complex flowing forms to be designed
and manufactured.…read more


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