Mark Scheme for GCSE resistant materials

Just in case anyone cant find any this is the technology markscheme to help you with sorting out your coursework.

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Design and Technology
Resistant Materials
Controlled assessment guide booklet
New for teaching Sept 2010

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Need, brief and task analysis
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Cost Function
Safety Task Analysis Aesthetics
Customer Enviro Size
This describes a problem which needs solving - do not state, in this box, what it
is that you'll be making
e.g.…read more

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Research - Client interview/Questionnaire
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Questions Analysis
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
You should include a client interview if you are designing your product for a
specific individual
e.g. your best friend
You should compile a questionnaire if you are designing your product for a
particluar target market
e.g. teenage boys
The questions in each case MUST be relevant to your project.…read more

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Research - Exisiting Product Analysis
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Image 1
Image 3
Image 2
You should find 3 images of products similar to the one tb that which you'll
be designing. These images should be taken directly from catalogues you
have collected from visiting relevant shops
e.g. images of furniture from furniture shop catalogues.…read more

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Research - Materials/Fixtures and Fittings/
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Materials Size
From your Client Interview you should have found out what sort of material the client aould like you to make
the product from. On this page you should consider the wide variety of options available to you and decide
from these which specific material you'll use.
E.g.…read more

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Page 5
Research Analysis and Design Specification
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Research Analysis Specification
Research Analysis
This is a summary of all of the relevant findings from your previous pages.
For example, if your client wants a toy based on an owl design, then you'd
explain this in summary giving reasons for the choice.…read more

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Design Ideas (Concepts)
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Design ideas (Concepts)
This page should be simply dedicated to producing a range of
ideas in a very basic form. You don't need to annotate these or
show anything other than the images.
The page should be filled with creative ideas and should not, at
this stage, consider how the product might be manufactured.
Images should be sketched in 3D and rendered.…read more

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Pages 7 and 8
Design Ideas
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Design Ideas
Similar to the concept sketches, but the designs will need to be refined.
They will also need to be fully annotated against the specification. In your
annotation you should comment on every aspect of the specification points
e.g.…read more

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Evaluation of Design Ideas
S u gg e st e d p a g e layou t
Client social issues moral issues environmental sustainability
issues issues
In the evaluation of your design ideas, you will need
to choose the 3 designs which most closely meet
your specification. You then comment on whether
or not the idea is a feasible and workable idea which
you are capable of manufacturing.…read more


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