Product Design GCSE - Design Movements

Design movement questions and answers

What is a deisgn movement?

New, distinct styles at certain times in history.

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Name three things product design is influenced by:

  • The discovery of new materials
  • Iconic Products
  • Manufacturing and Technological Developments
  • Fashion, trends and the latest thinking
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Name two design movements influenced by nature:

  • Arts and Crafts Movement
  • Art Nouveau
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Name three Modernist design movements:

  • Bauhaus
  • Art Deco
  • De Stijl
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What design movement typically involves the use of

Art Deco

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What were the three main influences of the 'stream

  • The rapid growth in transport design
  • The interest on science
  • The race to put the first man on the moon
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What design movement was an alternative view point

The Memphis Group

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What is the main characteristic of 'Blobism'?

Lack of straight lines

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Its a bit...plain

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