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In an examination it is unlikely you will be asked to
name tools. The main focus of the questions is to
demonstrate you know what the tools do and how to
use them to carry out a particular process.
The majority of tools shown have been designed
specifically for use with Wood or Metal. Many of them
will perform the same job when working Plastics.…read more

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Marking Out Tools
Steel Rule
Divided into millimetres that is the main unit of measurement
in Design. The difference between a Rule and a Ruler is that
a Rule can measure right from the end.
Scriber (Metal)
Marking Knife (Wood)
Hardened Steel point scratches the
Angled blade cuts surface of metal. It is used like a
a clean line which pencil. Metal is often coated in
locates cutting Engineers Marking Blue first so
tools. that the silver scratch lines stand
out.…read more

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Try Square (Wood) or
Engineers Square
This tool is used to mark out
lines at 90 degrees or test if a
piece of material is square as
shown below.
Testing a planned or filed
edge for squareness…read more

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Mitre Square (Wood)
This tool works in the same
way as a Try Square but it
marks and tests angles of 45
Sliding Bevel (Wood)
This tool is fully adjustable to
any angle. It is set using a
Protractor then tightened with
the screw.…read more

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Combination Square
This tool has a variety of marking and measuring functions
as shown below. The dial allows very accurate angle setting
without a protractor…read more

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Marking Gauge (Wood)
This tool is used to gauge
(mark) a line parallel to an
edge. The spike must point
away from you to prevent it
digging into the wood grain
This works in the same way as a
Marking Gauge but it has a knife
blade instead of a spike. It is used
across the grain where it will cut a
line rather than drag up the grain.
Cutting Gauge (Wood)…read more

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