Product Design GCSE - Designing

Classic and Retro Designs, Market Pull, Technology Push, Continuous Improvement

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Classic Designs must be what?

Innotive and Influential

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A design could be considered to be iconic because.

  • of the way the technology has been used
  • it uses clever and innotive styling
  • it has a 'must own' quality
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Give three example of a classic design:

  • The Coca Cola Bottle
  • The Biro
  • The Volkswagen Beetle
  • London Underground Map
  • Wassily Chair
  • Phillippe Starcks's Lemon Squeezer
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What are Retro Designs?

Retro deisgns are based on old styles but made to the latest standards using the latest technologies

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Give three examples of retro designs?

  • Wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics
  • Retro radio
  • Delonghi toaster
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • Yves St Laurent
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What is Market Pull?

When consumer demand leads to the creation and development of products.

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What is Technology Push?

When new products are developed due to technological advances

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What is Continuous Improvement?

When manufactureres aim to constantly improve their product as part of Total Quality Management.

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Give 5 reasons for continuous improvement:

  • Financial Savings
  • Styling Updates
  • Maintenence Issues
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Leglislation/Regulation
  • Manufacturing Improvements
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Improved Durability
  • New Technologies
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What is a quality circle?

Groups of workers who feedback information to ensure the quality of the product is continually improving.

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