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GCSE Edexcel DT: Resistant Materials

Material Properties Uses Image
Pine Straight grained, knotty, pale brown Construction
(Coniferous) colour. Frame work
Cheap and fairly strong Joinery
Not durable naturally but it is enhanced
using varnish.
Oak Very strong, heavy and durable High class furniture
(Deciduous) Expensive Boat building
Garden furniture…

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Material Properties Uses Image
Cast Iron 3.5% carbon Crushing machinery
(Ferrous) Heavy, brittle and strong (compression Vices
only) Engine blocks

Mild Steel 0.15-0.35% carbon Frame work
(Ferrous) Tough, ductile, malleable, high tensile Screws
Easily welded or brazed

High carbon Very hard wearing, less malleable, Cutting tools
steel ductile…

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Material Properties Uses Image
Acrylic Glass like transparency, various Perspex
(Thermo) colours/textures Car head lamps
Smooth and brittle (normally) Safety glasses

Low density Light, flexible Plastic bags
polyethylene Low melting point Bubble wrap
(Thermo) Food containers

High density Stiff, hard and very strong Toys
polyethylene Buckets
(Thermo) Helmets

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Material Properties Uses Image
Glass reinforced Glass fibres are light but strong in Racing car bodies
Polyester tension (not compression) Pond linings
(Fibre reinforced Together with polyester resin they
plastic) constitute consistent strength in all
Superior qualities to competition
Carbon Very light but strong also Has replaced ash in…

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Smart materials and nanotechnology:
Material Properties Uses Image
Nitinol Shape memory alloy Keyhole surgery
(Smart material) An alloy of Nickel and Titanium Hip replacement surgery
One type shrinks 5% if a current is Greenhouse windows
induced along it Glasses
Another (if broken) returns back to its
"remembered" shape at high…

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Nano-Biometrics Nano-Silver technology Medical drugs
(Nanomaterial) Extremely powerful medicines
Not commercial however they have
the potential to destroy resistant
viruses like "superbugs"


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