GCSE AQA History Revision Booklet for Paper 1 on Wednesday the 9th fo June, covering from Section A: the Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, Causes of the 2nd World War. And from Section B covering Britain in the 1st World War.

A 47 page Revision Booklet, for History paper 1 GCSE AQA. The exam is next Wednesday (Wednesday 9th 2010) and the revision booklet covers Everything that could come up. It does not include Option Z: Britain in the Second World War, or International history 1900-1914, as my coursework I completed in class based on thsoe topics, means I will not be tested on them. This Revision Booklet Does Not include Paper 2 which is based on Option A: Russia/USSR, Option B: Germany 1918 - 1939, Option C: The USA 1919-1941.

Again, this revsiion booklet covers intenrational history from 1914- 1918 [BRITAIN IN THE FIRST WW], 1918 -1939 [TREATY OF VERSAILLES, LEAGUE OF NATIONS, CAUSES OF SECOND WW], and finally 1945-1962 [THE COLD WAR]

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