GCSE African Music (Edexcel, 2010 exam)

This is a revision guide for African Music, Edexcel exam board for the current (2010) GCSE. Careful to check if the syllabus changes as it usually does...

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African Music
By Elliot Fitzgerald…read more

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Key Features
The Four Key features that you MUST know for
African Music are:
ti o n Impro
Repe t i v isatio
POL…read more

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Call and Response
In Call and Response there is usually
a soloist caller
and a group response.…read more

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"Make up music spontaneously"
Is two part texture where each part has a melody line
and they sound together.
This "Creates a multilayered texture"…read more

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African Drumming
The drum is generally considered the most important
African instrument
It is used as a means of communication
Different beats and tempos imply different occasions e.
g. Funerals, Weddings, Celebration, "The annual
harvest"…read more

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The Djembe is the most common African drum and it is
shaped like a goblet
It comes in a range of sizes to create a range of
It is single headed…read more

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