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Yiri from the album Burkina Faso
Style and Sub-Saharan /Traditional West African music
period Features:
Call and response
Complex polyrhythms

Mood: upbeat- achieved by fast tempo and repetitive
patterns with major vocal parts.
Melody mostly hexatonic (leading note not used very
includes lots of syncopation…

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Coda- The end is signalled by a bell and There are 5 two
bar phrases with dramatic rests by all instruments
creating a sense of a strong riff.
Piece ends with a solo bell (Agogo)
Tonality Major but sounds modal as the piece is hexatonic (6
pitches from major scale…

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Dampening- resting hand or stick on the drum skin
while playing with the other
Changing pitch can be done by tightening the skin
Striking the wood creates a contrasting sound

The master drummer leads the group; he controls the
tempo, dynamics, pitch, rhythms and the build up…


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