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Détente ­ a French word to describe relaxed relations between the USA and USSR in the 60s
and 70s.

1967 ­ Outer Space Treaty: no nuclear weapons in space.
1968 ­ Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
> Not help other countries get nuclear weapons.
> Without, not try to get them.

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- Worried the USSR would gain control in the Middle East.
- Soviet Influence in Iran.
- Iran could block Middle East oil exports at the Straits of Hormuz ­ oil was essential to the USA's

The USSR backed the Afghan Government, but the USA secretly funded Afghan opposition…

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- Geneva 1985: Reagan ­ wanted to persuade Gorbachev that peace was the aim.
Gorbachev ­ wanted to persuade Reagan to drop SDI plan.

- Reykjavik 1986: Both cut down on nuclear weapons.
Reagan ­ scrap all nuclear ballistic missiles.
Gorbachev ­ unwilling, unless Reagan scrap SDI plan (he didn't…

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- Democratic elections announced in Hungary, many East Germans began to head to
West Germany through Hungary.
- East German gov announced greater freedom for travel.
- 9th November 1989 ­ announced that East Germans could cross the border to West
- People dismantled and destroyed the wall.


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