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The Floods of Boscastle
and Crackington Haven,
By Cait…read more

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A torrent of water ten feet high surged
through the village when around two and a
half inches of rain fell in just two hours.
Hundreds of people were evacuated from
their homes and people had to be rescued
from roofs, trees and vehicles. There were
dozens of tourists visiting the picturesque
village at the time.
The Background Story…read more

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Buildings were destroyed and more than 50
cars were swept away. Dozens of villagers
had to be airlifted to safety.
The devastating wall of water was ten feet
high flowing at 40 miles an hour.
A massive clean-up operation began on
Tuesday 17th August, it was some of the
worst flooding ever seen in North Cornwall.
Also on that day, the Deputy Prime Minister
at the time, John Prescott, visited the area to
offer his support.
The Facts…read more

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There was no preparation at all because an
eye-witness said `it all escalated very
quickly' and that they only had just enough
time to escape. Some didn't even have that
as they had to be airlifted to safety. Also,
the village hadn't seen a flood as bad as
the 2004 one for a very long time so
nobody was expecting as-big-a-flood as it
Was there any preparation?…read more

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"The front door of the visitors centre
smashed through and torrents of water came
in until, in the end, half the visitors' centre
got smashed away," he said.
"We got ourselves on to the roof. We were
there for about half an hour in freezing cold
rain until the helicopter came along and
picked us up, one by one."
"There were 60ft trees just going down the
river like matchsticks - as soon as one of
those hit the front of the visitors centre, it
just wiped away all the structure of it."
An Eye-Witness Account…read more

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75 cars, 5 caravans, 6 buildings and several
boats were washed into the sea
Approximately 100 homes and businesses
were destroyed
Quite a few of the trees were uprooted and
debris was scattered over a large area.
In an operation lasting from mid-afternoon
until 2:30 AM, a fleet of 7 helicopters rescued
about 150 people clinging to trees and the
roofs of buildings and cars.
No major injuries or loss of life were
Impact…read more

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Mr A Gibson


A case study with everything you need to get to the top of level 3 in a longer answer question. Facts, figures, images and detail.

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