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Food Hygiene

Many people suffer every year from eating or drinking unsafe food. Food poisoning is usually caused by poor food
handling and inadequate personal hygiene.

Food poisoning is most often caused by:

Storing food in warm conditions
Undercooking food
Not reheating food adequately
Infected food handlers

Rules for…

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Control these conditions and the bacteria will not multiply so quickly.

Temperature Control

Bacteria like to grow in warm conditions, between 20°C-50°C. To control their growth, food should be kept out of
the danger zone of 5°C to 63°C.

Most bacteria

Do not grow in the deep freezer which is…

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trays and put it in a cool place where air can circulate. You could place the container in iced water. Cool within a

maximum of one hour then cover and put in the refrigerator.

Avoid cross-contamination

Keep food covered, wear clean protective clothing, use clean towels and cloths. Avoid wiping…


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