Food poisoning.

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  • What causes food poisoning?
    • Food poisoning.
      • What prevents food poisoning?
        • Wash hands properly.
          • Follow all the steps.
        • Cook foods to a core temp of 75 degrees Celsius.
          • Hot hold to 63 degrees Celsius.
        • Clean surfaces.
          • Wipe down surfaces after cooking.
        • Don't go in to work when you are ill.
          • Even if it is only a cold.
        • Make sure you empty yours bins regularly.
          • So then doesn't attract animals.
        • Make sure you sanitize surfaces.
          • Kill bacteria
        • Keep cooked and raw foods apart.
          • Prevent cross contamination
    • Over-flowing bins.
      • Attracts animals.
    • Unclean sufaces
      • can have harmful bacteria on them.
    • Cross-contamination
      • Not keeping cooked foods and raw foods apart.
    • Not chilling food properly.
      • foods above 5 - 8 degrees Celsius .
    • Not cooking food properly. Especially high risk foods.
    • Bacteria.
      • Can kill or make someone very ill.
    • If someone is ill.
      • still go in.
    • Not the correct hygiene.
      • Not wash hands properly.


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