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approaches to
Sexuality…read more

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Criticism they have of
Women's role are
3.Submissive companion
Christian & Hebrew view
1.Women created for the man
2.Property of the man
3.Secondary to the man
Restricting women's status in society
Many religions rely on natural law and human nature ­ but this
seems to be more of a product of social conditioning. To give
women secondary role in society.…read more

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The Hebrew and Greek
Views…read more

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O Liberal criticised- by Feminists
1. They assume level playing field
2. Men and women both can enter freely into a sexual
O This is in a society that is patriarchal
O `Women may be so conditioned that they are not
even aware of their disempowered status'.…read more

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Feminists views
O Catharine MacKinnon
Sexuality must be changed- until this happens sex is
O Jill Johnston
Must separate men & women
Same sex for women as political statement to
undermine the domination and power of men
O Mary Daly
Women cannot call God farther
Implies Gods male , then men must be God
Women not fully in image of God , due to ancient
Religions are sexist…read more

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Feminists views
O Daphne Hampson
Since enlightenment there has been ill fit and
Christianity and modern thought
Equality doesn't fit into many religious traditions
Must discard these traditions
In response to these...
O Raymond Bellioti
Women are not socially defined
They can decide for themselves
If they feel they cant then surely patriarchy is
No problem with a woman accepting a socially defined
role if she chooses it…read more

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