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In a liberal democracy, pluralism makes
religious liberty more not less necessary
It should concern us all that today's human
rights industry exists as a totalising creed
for a secular humanist agenda
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Trevor Phillips, head…

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today is a human rights industry that exists
as a totalising creed for a secular humanist
agenda in which rights are no longer
universal, but subjective. They favour some
minority identities and disfavour others.

If anyone has any lingering doubts about
the myth of secular neutrality, they should
take a…

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The review explicitly states that religion is
to be trumped in any dispute over rights
claims. Really. It says that an employer
"may legitimately refuse to accommodate an
individual's religious beliefs where such
accommodation would involve discrimination
on the basis of other protected

This is the much talked about…

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from the Christian all-party parliamentary
group. It found that, although much of the
recent human rights legislation was
introduced in the name of equality and
diversity, what it actually enforces is
inequality and sameness. Unsurprisingly, the
report recommends that in light of such
profound religious illiteracy, the commission
needs urgently…

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imagined pre-existing rights. It is
foundational. Other rights such as freedom
of association, speech, assembly, movement,
representation, expression etc, depend on
it. James Madison once observed: "The
rights of conscience ... is one of the
characteristics of a free people." And this
was confirmed in recent debates in
parliament that…

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manage a diverse and fragmenting society.
Reconciling the competing rights claims of
different groups will always be a complex,
messy and thankless task. The task is made
harder by a law that bundles rights
together and then treats them unequally.
The law performs a double disservice when
it eschews any…


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