Sex outside of marriage views (Christian and Muslim


heres something I put together to help me with learning the key reasons for why Muslims and Christians do not agree with Sex outside of Marriage. It is useful for answering part C questions on the exam paper.

I have got my information from a number of different websites and the Edexcel course book. Good luck to everyone taking the exam on the 17th!

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Sex outside of marriage
1. It is condemned in the bible. `Flee fornication, whoever sins sexually, sins
against your own body...honour God with your body' [1 Corinthians
2. It shows a lack of faith in God. If you are having sex before marriage to `see if
you are compatible', then you are not placing your trust in God to find you a
suitable mate, you are taking things into your own hands.
3. Adultery is a sin-7th commandment. If you are married and have sex with
someone other than your marital partner, you have committed a grave sin.
`Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for
God will judge the adulterer and the sexually immoral' [Hebrews 13:14]
4. Having sex for Christians means creating a baby. If the eyes if Christians, It
is bad to have a child out of wedlock, as they then may have a less stable
family life and unfavourable upbringing. The upbringing is very important.
`Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not
depart from it' [proverbs 22:6] If the parents aren't together, just had a one
night stand, then the child might not be brought up as well.
Sex outside of Marriage
1. It can result in sexually transmitted diseases, as people have multiple
sexual partners, leading to pain and suffering unnecessarily.
2. Muslims believe that Allah knows best, and has forbidden sex outside of
marriage for a reason. Muslims should trust Allah's wisdom. `Whoever
submits his whole self to God, and is doer of good, has grasped indeed the
most trustworthy handhold' [31:22]
3. The main purpose for having sex is for producing children. It is very
important that children are raised in a Muslim family unit, with a
mother and father, as each has different things that they need to teach
the child. Mother: Halal and Haram. Father: taking the boys to the
Mosque. A single parent can't raise their children in the best way.
4. God prohibits it, and a Muslim will pay at Yawmuddin [day of
judgement] if they do not respect Allah's wishes.


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