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  • Mother vs life of foetus
    • The Anglican Communion declares that a foetus whose existence threatens the mother may be seen as the 'aggressor'. In which case a termination of pregnancy would not be immoral, it would in fact be the lesser of two evils.
      • Society and in particular the family of the mother would be protected under the greatest happiness principle - Utilitarianism
    • Judith - Jarvis Thompson says that abortion may be a matter of self-defence, when the unborn baby/ foetus is threatening the life of the mother  For example, in the case of a woman with a severe cardiac condition where a pregnancy would lead to the death of  a mother, then the life of the foetus should be secondary.
    • In the Irish Republic Hospital in October 2012, a woman died from blood poisoning and subsequent medical reviews indicated that Ireland's ambiguous anti-abortion caused a crisis, since medical staff denied an abortion to the woman. The Irish DAIL clarified the law in July 2013, legalising operations to save a mother's life.
    • Many believe that legalised abortions save women fro death at the hands of illegal backstreet abortions. This is supported by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, the pro-choice campaigners and academics like Mary Anne Warren
      • “What I believe is that women are able to struggle with complex ethical issues and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.” —  Dr. Susan Robinson
    • Abortion is also said to be beneficial for the lives of many  women as they no longer have to cope with large families and poverty. Therefore abortion availability reduces mortality rates and allows women to go back to work. This enables their emancipation and access to better education and job opportunities.
      • These arguments are said by situationists to be pragmatic and realistic and the most 'agapeistic' action.
        • This social and economic analysis has led some Natural Law thinkers to develop the concept of PROPORTIONALISM. Bernard Hoose and the Catholic Priest Father Charles Cureen have posited this approach


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