History - Medicine and Treatment 1.2


1.2 Factors affecting medicine and treatment

Factors - helped causes change 

              - helped prevent change


helping development

  • attitudes changed and government wanted to help
  • more willing to fund medical research
  • funded Florey and Chain's research in 1939 
  • began to provide more for its population

hindering development

  • they did not think it was their job to improve public health
  • populations didn't value health if their leaders didn't 

Role of individuals 

helping development

  • Galens work influenced medicine for more than 1500 years. This was both a help and a hindrance. Some of the treatment worked, but some followingGalenn also prevented further experimentations 
  • Galen's theories provided the basis of medieval medical training
  • renaissance thinkers paved the way for eighteenth and nineteenth-century scientists 
  • the first vaccination showed…


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