Medieval Islamic Medicine

Medieval Islamic Medicine

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Medicine…read more

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Lesson Objectives
1. To understand and learn
about the nature and
importance of Islamic
2. To assess how Islamic
Medicine influenced the west.
3. To compare Islamic and
Christian medical practice in
the Middle Ages.…read more

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Make a mind-map as
we go through the ppt
on Islamic Medicine
Averroes Hospitals
Diagnosing and
Learning e Drugs
Influence of
Islam…read more

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Introduction to
· Islam is a new religion by world
· Based on the teachings and wise
statements of the prophet Muhammad.
· Muhammad died in 632 AD
· Followers of Islam are called Muslims.
· Muslims are expected to live their
lives by the holy book of Islam ­ the
Qur'an.…read more

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The Influence of Islam
· After the death of Muhammad
Islam was ruled by people called
· Caliphs tried to spread the word
of Islam whenever they could.
· The Qur'an said hygiene was
very important.
· As Islam spread Mosques and
baths were built.…read more

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·Islam encouraged learning.
·Arabic doctors used Greek texts.
·Some Arab doctors developed
these ideas in their own books.
·Arab doctors were very familiar
with the work of people such as
Hippocrates.…read more

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