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Factors Affecting
Information Quality…read more

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If the data collected is inaccurate then the information
produced from the data will also be inaccurate
Inaccurate data can occur in:
· Questionnaires
- questions can be poorly worded or could be leading
questions that result in biased data.
- open questions may be used instead of closed questions
· The answer options may not cover a wide enough
range of possible answers
· The sample of population used may be too small to be
of any use.…read more

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· Human error
- If data is collected manually then people can make
mistakes when recording it or reading it.
· They might make a transcription error when entering
the correct data in to system.
· Calibration of instruments
- If instruments were not calibrated correctly at the
start of the data collection then the data collected
can be wrong or inaccurate.…read more

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Examples of information that would be useless if
· Weather forecasts- people rely on the forecast to be
correct so they know what to take with them when
going out, for example. If the forecast is wrong then
it means they will be unprepared for certain weather.
So if the forecast says it is sunny when instead it
rains then, people will get wet and be unprepared for
this.…read more

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Examples of information that would be useless if
· Supermarket prices- we expect the prices on items to
be correct. If they have been labelled incorrectly
then we may not have enough money to pay for them,
causing inconvenience…read more

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In order for information to be useful it must be
relevant to the user.
· School- when students take notes in lessons they
write down what is relevant to them and their exam.
If a teacher decides to teach them something they
are interested in but isn't in the exam then the
information is irrelevant.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Whilst this covers the main points affecting the quality of information what is really useful is that it contains real life examples to help students understand each factor in a non-ICT context.

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