religious responses to environmental ethics

a2 ethics with OCR

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Religious Responses
Essay questions:
`Evaluate the notion that Christian responses to the environment are complacent.'
`The Bible has nothing significant to add to debates about the environment.' Discuss.
Light Green ­ Shallow Ecology
Middle Green ­ Ecologic Extension or Eco-holism
Dark Green ­ Libertarian Extension or Deep Ecology
Genesis ­ Dominion
Light Green
`Let us make humankind in our own image, according to our likeness;... dominion over'
Influenced by Aristotle (only humans have moral value) and Aquinas (or a soul)
Creation is intrinsically good
God is aware of and involved in creation
Special role for humans as they are in God's image
God communicates and revealed through nature
Doesn't advocate damage to the environment
Using our power to look after the environment e.g. breeding endangered animals in captivity
People who aren't religious or don't care for the environment won't follow this
Might not consider tribes
Too anthropocentric ­ Naess wouldn't like dominion
Humans support creation ­ till and keep, not subdue
Humans join with God's creative gift
Humans are caretakers
A warning not to overstep our responsibilities and to transform the world with care
Creation is to be preserved because it is intrinsically good
Creation spirituality
Emotional and responsible to look after the environment. You don't have to be religious
It doesn't change a planet
Still anthropocentric
Dominion can be oppressive and subduing of the environment, whereas stewardship had more
emphasis on looking after the environment. Dominion is taking something, stewardship is looking
after something. However, they are still both anthropocentric.

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New Testament
St Paul
Biblical explanation and a guide
Atonement ­ at one with Christ
It could be too late
The Rapture/End Times
Biblical prophecies ­ the Lord will bring about the end
Rapture (apocalypse)
At the end of the world, people will go to God
The threat of it might motivate people to change
It's the end of the world!
Not caring what happens to anything since everyone is going to die ­ including not caring
about the environment
Book of revelations…read more


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